Thursday, May 10, 2007

Very Disappointing Day

Trevor had an Endo appointment yesterday. We were a little concerned about his A1C, because hormones have been raging lately, plus he has been growing like a weed. Three inches in the past 4 months to be exact! Anyway, his A1C was up from last time to 7.2, still good I know, but we try very hard to keep it under 7.0. So we were a little bummed about that. Then the CDE dropped the bomb-----Dr.M is leaving, going to Emory, Chief of Pediatric Endo, July 1.


Yes, he is the only pediatric endo in town.
Yes, they will have a general pediatrician with an interest in endocrinology covering the clinic until they get someone new in there. But they have been looking for a partner for Dr. M for almost 2 years without any luck, so I'm not holding my breath.

Now the big decision. Switch to an adult Doc (Trevor just turned 13) in town, or drive 2.5 hours to the next closest pediateric endo? Or possibly stick with this pediatrician and see what happens.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.


Bernard said...


How did it all work out? Did you find a new endo or just go with an adult oriented endo?

Bernard said...


I didn't hear back. Did you have any luck?

Try out There's a group over there of parents with Type 1 children. Maybe someone there can recommend an endo for you.

Angela said...

Hello Sherry.
Where we live we don't have any pediatric diabetes specialists, so we have no option but to see a general one with an interest in diabetes. We seem to be doing OK though.
And a score of 7.2 is fantastic - Congratulations!